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This is the official and the final personal blog site of Jay San Juan. Take it or leave it, post it or tag it, selfie or group pic, murder or suicide. Anything you wanted to know, if you wanted to know is here. To cut the shit, this site provides some bits of logical life teachings that sometimes ignores by our own senses, this is a compilation of Jay San Juan self taught teachings. Contact us for any suggestion of topics if there is any problem concerning about your reading experience here on this plain white site.
Let me write the words I tell, for I to show it and sell. I don't want to make it fell on the ground as well. So I put it in papers for real, to inspire and to feel other people who lives around the wheel. For I exist not for myself but for the people who needs in help but I'm just a man in kelp so I put it in the words instead

Definition of surreal feelings

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, December 1, 2013 | 7:30 AM

As a human, i came through this experience of feeling something surreal to a beautiful girl in the class. It is the feeling that i can't understand, a mixed emotion of something coming out from the heavens. When you feel when she come close to you face, your heart beats louder than you head like the time stops for a while.
We experience all such things when we are still a kid, when we are still asking the oldies why the earth is oval like shape, why we pay taxes to our government, why your uncle is such an arse and why your crush is so appealing to you. We can't deny such thing, i can still remember the days when i feel such emotion that i thought it is what the oldies told me as a first love.
I came in the side where most of the people don't like to be. The place where we are the underdog and we are fighting a superpowers that can keep us stranded on the ground for long hours. I'm still lucky knowing that i was not the 'apple of her eyes' because i will not be able to discovers this thing on the corner of the room while drinking a cup of caramel frappuccino.
At first i can't understand what is love, all i know is love is something what i feel about on the opposite sex. However as i discover the secret on our logic subject, plus the fact that i'm taking some short subjects in Personality, i end up thinking about it.
I can't understand what is love, when i was a kid, i applied the Science of logic after watching Now you see me (Nice movie starring Jesse Eisenberg) once you can't define a certain words or phrases, obviously we can't understand it. But in the sense that i feel such emotion, mixed emotion on my mind, i keep on thinking about that feeling instead of thinking why i feel such thing. That is the problem in humans, we are easily distracted by the things that is not so important in our action or in that situation.
The conclusion is that, don't try to understand things without knowing it, because the more you know about that subject the easy it would be for you to understand.
Just remember, that real love comes like a thief, it comes unexpectedly, sometimes the people standing in front of us the one who is destined for us to love. Don't look for love because that is too epic, wait for it to pass and grab it when you know you can catch it.


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