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This is the official and the final personal blog site of Jay San Juan. Take it or leave it, post it or tag it, selfie or group pic, murder or suicide. Anything you wanted to know, if you wanted to know is here. To cut the shit, this site provides some bits of logical life teachings that sometimes ignores by our own senses, this is a compilation of Jay San Juan self taught teachings. Contact us for any suggestion of topics if there is any problem concerning about your reading experience here on this plain white site.
Let me write the words I tell, for I to show it and sell. I don't want to make it fell on the ground as well. So I put it in papers for real, to inspire and to feel other people who lives around the wheel. For I exist not for myself but for the people who needs in help but I'm just a man in kelp so I put it in the words instead

Friends with Benifits

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Wednesday, December 11, 2013 | 11:59 PM

From left: Philip Capuno, Rigie Viter, Mark John Otordo and Peter Malveda
There are many kinds of friends in this world. However not all friends we know are really our friends, some of them are just part of the society that we  have to interact and talk with to continue our life in a community.
Most of us got less information/knowledge about how we can choose our friends, tips in the internet and from your guidance councilor. As a typical individual in the community, i experience all these things including hate, jealousy and all the matters that comes between each person of the society.
So, i put some simple things (words) for simple person to understand and to apply it on their own way.
This is my LEVEL OF KNOWING ONE'S IDENTITY. Someone told me that true and real friends know each other identities that makes them different from the other group in the society. It isn't the time that you are together as a friend, not even the likes, but your knowledge about this person that makes you feel alright (No sh*t actually).
Discover, the first step in knowing someone is to discover who they really are. This will confirm your idea about this person's identity. And of course you have to talk with him/her to discover things that you wanted to discover (it is on you, if you see a certain person as weird then you have to figure out if he is weird or just genius enough for you not to understand him). This is the first step in knowing someone through talking, observing him/her (if you like to be a stalker then go, just make it more sensible than following her/him alone).
Understand, after discovering who he/she was, if she/he is so religious that their house is full of saints, or just a simple girl and a perfect daughter/son. In this point you have to decide if you want that person to be your friend or just a person to build the society where you're right now. Some people ignore this thing, and just carry on, it is the reason why some of the "friendship" that you know end up in conflict or in great "isolation" to each other, because they really not understand that certain individual. They just jump towards to another step (which is to accept) and carry on ignoring the fact that your unconsciousness didn't like that person at all. You will realize this thing once your friend acted like a strange, like you just met a few hours earlier.
I saw this things from my own classmates, maybe the lack of information about having friends makes their relationship much like in a great chaos of cold war (you didn't know if they will hit your head or not)
Accept, to accept people is the most important thing that you will do in knowing someone's personality. After understanding him, of who he/she really was including her/his dislikes, interest, hobbies and all the weird things that she/he do. Acceptance is the most important thing in friendship. If you didn't accept some part of who he was, then you truly not his/her friend, you are just "somebody that i used to know" kind of stuff. A true friend accept the entire you, not just few of you, because a certain individual is a package it is not some Filipino sari-sari store or installment payments.
lastly, Be friend with that is the last after all those things that you put aside. Real friends is like a family that you can ask for something when you need help and when you feel blue you can ask for a hand to lift your burden.
Be rational in choosing your friends, it will make someone as who they're and who they will be in the future.


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