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This is the official and the final personal blog site of Jay San Juan. Take it or leave it, post it or tag it, selfie or group pic, murder or suicide. Anything you wanted to know, if you wanted to know is here. To cut the shit, this site provides some bits of logical life teachings that sometimes ignores by our own senses, this is a compilation of Jay San Juan self taught teachings. Contact us for any suggestion of topics if there is any problem concerning about your reading experience here on this plain white site.
Let me write the words I tell, for I to show it and sell. I don't want to make it fell on the ground as well. So I put it in papers for real, to inspire and to feel other people who lives around the wheel. For I exist not for myself but for the people who needs in help but I'm just a man in kelp so I put it in the words instead

Sadness, a Chance to see What is Happiness

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, August 3, 2014 | 8:33 PM

A typical country side sunset in the Philippines
To feel something odd is the best way to see better things in the most better way of looking at it. Though not all people can see such chances in life, for they're pre-occupied by the feelings and emotion. Emotion will never give something more important than a definition of feelings. The tragedy, the sadness, the oddness of things makes a clear view of looking on the opposite side where all of this things never exist.

There is a reason why we all fell in the pit of sadness, defeat and reasons to feel withdrawn in every situation. A reason comes always in two's that either we choose to look at it in the both side or ignore the other side to fully understand the true meaning of such reason. This two reason are the negative and the positive side, but it is actually us who makes a boderline of which is which and what is what in such ideas. We know this kind of "Positve" and "Negative" side as we grow up and define the things in life that is unanswered in our childhood. So it is easy for us to know which is which and what is what in just looking over it.

However as i said, we're pre-occupied by the sense of emotion that is brought by the situation. When we're happy, we manifest happiness, confidence and other kinds of "Positive" attitude that may send us in a better way of living and looking over our life's pathway. Positive growth and development of ones mind can be noticed and can be recognize. But when there is sadness, we're pre-occupied by the reasons and the emotion brought by the sadness.

What if we take this reason, the sadness, as a good chance of looking over the other side in a very optimistic way. For the drawbacks of the sadness will give you nothing but pain within oneself, but to see the other side and the sense of desire to go back there, enthusiastically, and to hold the things that makes ones happiness is the best thing to do.

Don't let the sadness comes to your heart and eat oneself, let it come for us to understand what is self when it lives in sadness and what is the importance if self lived in happiness


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