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Let me write the words I tell, for I to show it and sell. I don't want to make it fell on the ground as well. So I put it in papers for real, to inspire and to feel other people who lives around the wheel. For I exist not for myself but for the people who needs in help but I'm just a man in kelp so I put it in the words instead

National Sentiment

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Wednesday, July 22, 2015 | 11:44 PM

The future of the nation lies in everything that lies within its boundaries
For a long time I stucked myself into the nothingness of the civilization in which I find myself during my realization about how the society turned against those who lives below its standard. In the silence of the solitude that my social sacrifice brought to me was simply amazing into the taste of my mind, as i plunge my ideas and my mind into a couple of textbook that i found at our old house and read those books that i forgot to read solely in my own satisfaction. The book, specifically the national bestseller Rizal's True Love by his granddaughter Gemma Cruz Araneta. I was attached into the nationalism in the article (In the book, as it is the compilation of her article published weekly in a national newspaper) and question myself if I'm worthy enough to be called as indeed a Filipino. But in my question, my mind suddenly remembers the society that i leave for a while to turn myself into an isolation of realization during the two months vacation period as a college student. My observation in my fellow generation suddenly came out of the depths of question, thus in the question I quickly answer the question for my fellow Filipino rather than answering if I'm indeed a Filipino through what Rizal has told us through his novels and his ideas.
It was a total disappointment as i realize that my fellow Filipino in my generation tend to be amazed in what other culture has to offer rather than looking down into the culture that is in the industry that we Filipino, being defined as a Filipino. Most of them "Koreanized" themselves or if not "Japanized" their thoughts and some of them almost disgracing the industry we have specifically the telenovelas in which they find themselves amused in watching shows with subtitles as the show primary language is Korean or Japanese (some are Taiwanese and i guess Filipino doesn't need any subtitles for English Movies). These generation finds themselves in listening in music that bares no understanding as they spoke a strange language that isn't included in the Philippine compulsary education subjects (except of course those linguist course).
We are exterminating the every reason and proof of being a Filipino or if not, places all this proofs down into the place where we could've place other foreign culture. We tend to forget what is written in our bloods and if possible have our own kind erected into a more worthy and proudable ideas. On such, we are slowly forgetting what our forefathers die for and that is to be independent and definable nation that our country, Philippines would be in the point of a United Nation even at the circumstances of its geographical divisions.
It isn't this divisions that divides our nation, it is our beliefs that there is right and wrong and there are superior and inferior culture. We are all Filipino, and such phrase seems not to turn into a greater favor but in times in which Pacman won another fight or the National Team were victorious against other foreign teams. Some of us were forced to called themselves as a Filipino because they are born in this poor country.
There are few of these nationalist whom we tend to hate or forget in the midst of the Globalisation. I'm not against the globalization, but to unite the world, we must first come into a firm standing and believe that we are what we are and exterminate those things that isn't important, and i'm talking the way how human must live out of the savagery that has been brought by our animal genes. The things is that we are exterminating things without even us knowing ourselves thus in the long run exterminate all important things without us knowing it.
If we fail to even concentrate in knowing ourselves then there is no possible chance that these country would ever prosper. We keep on plunging ourselves in the depths of other culture as of like what we did to our basic education in which we base such thoughts because 'Other' nation has 12 years basic education and it is just us who has 10 years. Even our government in which solely base on the American, we are not american, we are Filipino, and even how great the democratic system was in other nation if such thoughts seems to disagree to the very culture of our nation then we just end up in trying instead of doing things for progress.
In terms, it seems like the education in this country is not doing its job well specifically how we know ourselves and how we need to know ourselves. The education seems lost that tends to make those who learned lost not for those who has not perception where they must go. We are exterminating the fact of every aspect that these nation is not a nation to be united by one thought but to unite the entire nation even at such circumstances that every individual are free of the crowds and has firmly isolated by their own thoughts.
These education is not the education we must have, we need more than years, we need more humanity in every moment we have. And to love others we must love ourselves and every fraction of what makes us as us. We have to be ourselves first before being others or we'll be in prison without knowing that we're choking because we are constricted by these chains.
Being Filipino is not just being Filipino as of being a Human., we need to have a proof and a firm identification that we are worth to be called as that and to figure such is to plunge ourselves into the point that we have to know ourselves.
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