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This is the official and the final personal blog site of Jay San Juan. Take it or leave it, post it or tag it, selfie or group pic, murder or suicide. Anything you wanted to know, if you wanted to know is here. To cut the shit, this site provides some bits of logical life teachings that sometimes ignores by our own senses, this is a compilation of Jay San Juan self taught teachings. Contact us for any suggestion of topics if there is any problem concerning about your reading experience here on this plain white site.
Let me write the words I tell, for I to show it and sell. I don't want to make it fell on the ground as well. So I put it in papers for real, to inspire and to feel other people who lives around the wheel. For I exist not for myself but for the people who needs in help but I'm just a man in kelp so I put it in the words instead

Ang Ampalaya

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Friday, August 15, 2014 | 8:39 PM

Karaniwang sinasabi ng mga bitter sa lovelife; "Mahihiwalay din kayo"


Pag ang babae mayaman
huwag mong iwanan
hindi dahil may panlibre
Dahil minahal mo siya, pare

Pero pag ika'y iniwan
Huwag mong iyakan
sama-sama nating tawanan
ang nangyaring kasawian

Maraming single dyan
Masaya at malaya
Pero karamihan sa kanila
ay nagpapaka-AMPALAYA

Napaka-bitter nila
Kaya sila AMPALAYA
"Putang-ina niya"
'Yan ang bukambibig nila

Maghihiwalay naman
hihintayin nalang
at saka siya aalagaan
para kanyang malaman
na siya ay nawalan
ng tunay na nagmamahal
sa puso niyang sugatan

Dahil kami AMPALAYA
malungkot pag wala siya
at ibang tao ang nagpapasaya
iba ang nagpapangiti sa kanya

Pero pag kami, malupit
parang isang inipit
masarap kahit naipit
nagmamahal kahit masakit
sa taong walang malasakit.

From: PUP Ampalaya Dead Poet
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Hopeless Romantic

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Tuesday, August 5, 2014 | 8:30 AM

The silence of the night keeps me awake
and to write this verse that I take
in every move that I break

Hopeless Romantic

The mirrors of her soul that shine
Wonderful as like in shore so fine
Its beauty concealed in a bliss
That makes I to smile so please.
Her sweet curve sets all straight
That i feel to change my trait.
Though I so fine thee something afraid,
That her hear in fear to laid.
Thy love which is lost in plead,
Nothing to give, nothing to lead
For she spend it to bleed.
Her soul hopes no love to feed.
Turn her mirror to look and to feel,
For she need cure for the wound to heal.

Dedicated to: Princess Angelique David
Feautured in :The Circular Catalog
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The Poet's Tragedy

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, August 3, 2014 | 8:38 PM

A poet will always be a poet, just like how he do it,
how he live it, and how he make it. He is a poet after all


Let me write you something
things about everything;
Effort worth spending,
Phrases are worth saying;
Time and day worth resting,
Energy worth nothing;
For you're that everything
That makes I worth nothing,
If you are not living
In world that I'm writing
For I know I'm loving
Even though I'm losing
For I'm not existing
In world you're standing.

Dedicated to Princess Angelique David
The Circular Catalog
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Sadness, a Chance to see What is Happiness

A typical country side sunset in the Philippines
To feel something odd is the best way to see better things in the most better way of looking at it. Though not all people can see such chances in life, for they're pre-occupied by the feelings and emotion. Emotion will never give something more important than a definition of feelings. The tragedy, the sadness, the oddness of things makes a clear view of looking on the opposite side where all of this things never exist.

There is a reason why we all fell in the pit of sadness, defeat and reasons to feel withdrawn in every situation. A reason comes always in two's that either we choose to look at it in the both side or ignore the other side to fully understand the true meaning of such reason. This two reason are the negative and the positive side, but it is actually us who makes a boderline of which is which and what is what in such ideas. We know this kind of "Positve" and "Negative" side as we grow up and define the things in life that is unanswered in our childhood. So it is easy for us to know which is which and what is what in just looking over it.

However as i said, we're pre-occupied by the sense of emotion that is brought by the situation. When we're happy, we manifest happiness, confidence and other kinds of "Positive" attitude that may send us in a better way of living and looking over our life's pathway. Positive growth and development of ones mind can be noticed and can be recognize. But when there is sadness, we're pre-occupied by the reasons and the emotion brought by the sadness.

What if we take this reason, the sadness, as a good chance of looking over the other side in a very optimistic way. For the drawbacks of the sadness will give you nothing but pain within oneself, but to see the other side and the sense of desire to go back there, enthusiastically, and to hold the things that makes ones happiness is the best thing to do.

Don't let the sadness comes to your heart and eat oneself, let it come for us to understand what is self when it lives in sadness and what is the importance if self lived in happiness
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On The Other Side

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Wednesday, July 30, 2014 | 1:40 AM

You will never learn to miss a thing without
enduring the meaning on the other way.
Photo taken : Napudot Road, Brgy. Kita-Kita, Balungao


Let me call for sadness
For I shall know happiness,
Let the bitter come, be harness
For I to recognize sweetness,
Let the pain on my numbness
to let me feel be hopeless,
Let tragedy comes endless
for me to feel indulgeness.
For human will never learn,
the meaning of things we earn,
Not until comes opposite turn,
Meaning be realized in return.

This song is dedicated for the people who do not cares about the things that they have now on their possession. They sometimes or all of the times, disregard the thing that they have, ignore it instead of cherishing it. Things didn't come again and again and the importance of it will be recognized/ be realized in terms when it didn't exists at all.
It is simple thing, it is a simple idea--not all things exist forever, so make use of the time of its existance.
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No Tittle

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Monday, June 30, 2014 | 11:08 AM

I actually write this poem to this special person but as what
she feels it is not enough to be called as sonnet. It lacks few
lines to be called as a sonnet

Years proceed bestowed ones age
Proof to endure so firm thou stand
Thy feet took steps thee stance in land
Time proceed not ever in mind

For seasons advanced, run so blind
Lift oneself up don't fall behind
Such strong person thou lives inside
Let it go, let it break the line

I stopped for a few minutes after writing this poem in a piece of paper. It is just a simple gift, a simple gift for a special person. However time and the universe give enough reason for me to judge her from top to toe, i mean from bottom and on the top of her personality. Not entirely, but the pieces of the ideas makes one firm judgement, a rational judgement that the person whom i expected more to understand a "weird" personality is a lies.

Maybe the chances brought me on that point where i have to think if she is good enough for me, or she is just immature enough to be judge accordingly. There are a lot of things, maybe a lot of speculation around that situation of mine mostly negative. Expectation didn't kill it is the feeling of letting go a person that you're attached as you write this creepy novels and poems only dedicated for her.

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Taking Chances

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Monday, June 16, 2014 | 9:50 AM

There are only two options, one take that chance and
explore the possibilities beyond or two run away and have
your own life, nothing change, nothing to happen.

Personal Chances in our decision in Life

Not all things comes randomly, there is a pattern we just didn't know it how it goes. And there are times when this "things" comes to us either it is unexpectedly or unintentional , and that is we called  chances. The chances which can be a turnout in such events of your life, or can change what you expected in the future, or change the way how you think about the things in life. The possibilities are endless beyond that certain chances that pops out in the universe, we can look at that or just leave it there-ignored.

This chances comes in a great reason to throw you back in the line but there are chances that can drive you off that trail. That "Negative" Chances that cross in every human's life makes a fear inside us that can entirely throw us off that path and make us in a place where we are not moving at all, with no direction you're just standing there all day or worst until you die. Fear can be the barrier in having a good life, we are all in great fear of the new things that makes us to be left behind the trails of the others. We're afraid of it knowing that we would be lost in that "New Things" where we can have no direction at all. However such negativism of thoughts will make you idle in one point with no progress as you walk on that trail of yours heading on that direction that you've dreamed of. Fear will break you down and hinders you from the possibilities of doing things better than what you do things right now.

There are a lot of chances, a lot of chances that we missed and lost forever. Some of them comes back, some of them comes again and again, and some of them stays for little time until they're gone. However there is no assurance if such chances will come out again so better grab it when it is hot before it becomes cold and useless. Every Chances have its own consequences but if we look at that consequences rather than the possibility of taking that chances into action, we may found ourself in fear and in boredom of life

Giving Chances to others

Chances didn't come up in the mid-air without anyone placing it right there. There are events that may throw you in the situation in which you will choose if that chances in front of you will be better or worse to your side. As i said, things didn't come randomly- we can understand it in better view using the Chaos Pattern. Anyway, giving chances to the others is optional to your side, you can create a kind of chance to this kind of person or to that kind of person it is upon your consent.

Some of us deprives other people right to be given a chances which makes a border between Psychological aspects in socializing or interacting between two individuals. Either it is cause by fear because we experience such thing in the past or just a fear in nothing (we don't have a clue on the consequences or any idea what will happen aftermath). Whatever the reason is, giving a chance to someone is giving yourself a huge possibilities in life. However, giving a chance is not a simply thing like giving a lolipop or a yellow cab pizza to the poor, we need to be rational in our excuses that define our decision upon that situation. Ask yourself if your decision is rational enough to answer all of your question, if not, then it is not rational according to your idea. Not because you feel bad about it, it makes a firm foundation that you're rational on your decision.

Most of the people dares not to think rationally because it consumes a lot of time, they could have spend it to their pleasures to fulfill their satisfaction. Their mindset are like "Oh i have this feeling, i'm not doing that" feeling is not a good basis of decision. Why? because feeling is not constant (More if you're so irrational in thinking, better not base all the things to feelings), you sometimes feel wrong but you think you're happy, we misjudge our own feelings, how can that be so trustworthy? They sometimes head on giving chances to the wrong person and hoping for the best that their expectations will come to reality. It is the main reason why a person give a chance to a wrong person, because they know what will happen even though it is irrational basis in giving someone a chance.

Chances carry a lot of possibilities, we may have some clue in it but the consequences beyond that are endless (you can choose anything from it) more than our expectations. It is a countless chances that may lead you to another chances that can open another door for you. Life knowing what is the outcome of the effort is a life with no thrill and adventure. We may taking some wrong chances, but please don't make it stop you from taking Chances again, learn from it don't let the fear hinders you.

Life is an endless possibilities you just need to explore and look for the better life that you can say it is "Uniquely yours"
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The Real Loss Is To Love Someone More than Yourself

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, June 15, 2014 | 3:35 AM

You need an arms to throw away all of the bad luck beneath

If you ever remember or watched that 1996 film of Matt Damon together with Ben Affleck the title may sound very familiar to you. I get that phrase on the movie Good Will Hunting which gives a lot of shit if you listen carefully. When you feel such love, the thing what some of the bookish person i meet refer as "Spark" (I didn't ever feel such thing, except during the summer days--rushing in the fully air-conditioned 7eleven store and accidentally touching your friend's skin) it is the most unexplainable thing and surreal feeling that a man may ever feel. In the point when you feel immobilize, can't move, can't even speak well and your mind seems too numb to think what will you do on that point. Such feeling is unmeasurable, it is like a lightning that strikes you down the sky-it comes so quickly that you didn't have enough time to escape from it either throw it away and hide from it. Such feeling is there when this special person of yours is right there besides you. A person that makes you feel important guy in a movie, a person that makes you feel happy and a person that seems like she is carrying a comforter in which you can rest and be comfortable anytime-anywhere you meet. She is there on the front doors when you feel bad about your family, when the society is against you and when all the things seems falling down you have no where to run, no where to hide and no place to cry like a baby and throw all of your emotions. When you're feeling sick she is there to lend you a hand and to care for you. Such examples make a strong emotional connnection between two people and as the time goes trust will make the foundation even stronger through the winds and storm on the way. To trust someone is the best gift that anyone can give and to receive-it is the best gift for marriage and for having a relationship.
For such a long time of trusting that person, that seems like she is part of yourself. A person that you want to be with at the end of the day and on the next day beside you as you start your another chapter of your life, a girl that you want to spend with you in lifetime. For a long time you feel that you love her more that yourself and she love you as what you love her-you're together for a long time and for a long years you've been on storm together, you get through it and survive in it. And when that person is lost, you can't do nothing but to see her to be taken away by God, the sense of real lost can only be felt if you learn to love someone more than you love yourself. That is the greatest lost of a man-to see someone to be taken away by fate, a simple but deepest thing that he will carry in the rest of his life.
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The Real Story

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, March 9, 2014 | 5:01 AM

Photo taken: Polytechnic University of the Philippines
-Santo Tomas, Batangas
(c) Jay San Juan
Movies, Novels, Short Stories and many other literature that carries a plot and lesson to be learn. Entertainment stuck us off boredom and exercise our own mind in constructing our own story, the real story that make this world ones of the most detailed story that you ever read in a paper, watched in theater and hear from your friends. This life are compilation of stories bonded together to make an outstanding timeline. It is wonderful to stand in the center of the crowd knowing that you're being part of their story. The story of their life, to be told or not to be told. Every second there is a agenda, objective to be apply, each subject have its reason, each action is unconsciously well-planned by each mind. However above from this greatness of the reality, we seek to more illusions for we know it is different. I shall tell you this, illusions is the same as the reality does, they walk in the same thread.
Most of us ignores the wonders of the world, because we cheaply see it. But when shall we feel it? when shall we realize it? Human start to stand on their own and ignores the others, human start to be self centered living in the world with a borders in each socialization.
The real story that we seek is on our own. We are the director, the writer and the producer of this story and it is upon us how to make is so wonderful for the next generation to read and to learn from it. If you like the story of what you see, what you hear of and what you feel, then if you like to be like that, be on your own control and hold the pen of your life. Write well, for there is no erasure or cuts in this show, the show of your own life. One mistake will be there, it is soon be the part of the real story of your history. However if you dwell on that mistake for so long, maybe, you'll missed some of the best part of the history.
We have our control in our life, there are some circumstances that we got no control, there are things just pop-out from nowhere but it is upon you how to face it.
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Why do Stupidity Never ends

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Wednesday, March 5, 2014 | 8:41 PM

Stupid person are not literally stupid person, it is just a word
to define person who acts like a animal not as humans, therefore
they're stupid on their own nature of being human
Stupid people comes in the world so cheap that most of the people bought it. Intelligent but numb, they come in hundreds and end in thousand. They multiply fast, covering the face of the Earth conquering more than the conqueror can do. Too stupid enough to LOVE someone, too numb to choose the right one- as they say 'same feather pluck together'. However people deviate in time, sprouting out of the poluted Earth making another breed of people, the real human struggling to raise up to survive in the long lost place of the symbol of political lands. They live in less, some of them comes out of shadows and influence few, defeating some of stupidity. However, these great persons comes fast and gone fast and only few learned from them, this stupidity still in great number of population, they will never be vanished until God decided to do so.
They come so fast, as cheap as a pen and useless as a stone. They weight so heavy that makes it hard to carry in hand. The society look for stupid person and instead of eliminating them, they culture these persons into hundreds, improving them, giving another generation of stupidity. New enough to change the world to another place of inhumanly place. Stupidity, this people are cultured and cared while humans are overthrown making their living less and lost forever.
Stupid people can learn, be intelligent, be famous and become great over millions. However, stupid person can't grow a seed, a heart that can define human as a human.
There is only one way to make no border and division, a human must be stupid to survive in stupid poluted land and propagate itself and multiply as well for the Earth tom be human not a bunch of stupid person which is worse that the animal can do
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The Sonnet Day

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Monday, February 24, 2014 | 6:12 AM

(c) Jay San Juan
''The Sonnet day''
Hear the words of my heart Listen as it beats like an art, chanting the chords of love That I felt yesterday and now on. The same emotion when I perceive, your beauty that looks like you're Eve I was wondering too long, For me to understand this: Such uncanny feeling, I never feel. Then it comes for me for real. For you i write this letter, So that you can understand me better, Because i wish i would be with you later.
In times when all the things fall apart when there is no hopes left, the only thing to do is to BELIEVE!
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The Society

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Tuesday, January 28, 2014 | 11:02 AM

A Typical set up in a Mall in an ordinary day
in just observing the people around, you can
learn about the society itself, the behavior and
the entire society pattern of a community.
An individual must act in the nature of the society for it is the only idea that dominates in the minds of the people. The nature of the society stands as the foundations to recognize ones to another. However some of that society deviates from the shades of the nature, they live far from the nature, therefore sullen, slipping and fidgeted mind in the community. They are considered as different from the idea recognize by the society. The people are self-help individuals, they improve in their own, live on their own and breath on their own. Some of them grow, some of them sunken below the society who betrayed them, butchered in his ideas, forgotten on his own sense, living below the lives that God intended for a man to live. However above from this person's tragedy, there are divided person/individual who survives and flares in the dim of light opposing and changing the society for better. Some of them stands great, some of them live on their own and accept the flow of the nature in the society, there are person who decide to be like others, forgetting his own nature eaten in the abyss of the society's mind. Great person, stands, influence and take a firm beliefs on his own nature, thus changing the nature of the society in great cost, rejuvinate and hides in the persona, a mask to be recognize by the society, to be accepted and to blend in. They remain as their nature tells them, but they lived in lies for themselves, for they hate their own, abandoning the nature that identifies them in the middle of the society. Hating ones nature is a betrayal of ones identity, betraying the entire self and individuality. Forgetting their own existence, they are the living dead that to be live when remembered. However most of the jumps and change to the nature of the society transforming themselves and killing their own identity, giving in the nature-falling down the abyss. He crumble for her let others destroys their foundations, he let them dominates their idea. He did not fight, he leave the battlefield in fear of losing. He is weak, he is worst than the peole who let the nature of the society be theirs.
Stand on what you believe, fight for your won idea, your own identity
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Human Perception

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Sunday, January 26, 2014 | 8:38 PM

Human perception differs from one another but there is
something in common
Lack of idea interpretation is one of the main concern today. Our perception do the job in analyzing this data from sensation collected using our senses from the information/data/stimuli in our environment.
The interpretation tends to give our mind an option to make decision. However our perception works not so well, the mind will be confused by the option given by the perception. Therefore committing mistakes in a certain situation.
Perception is the logical system that organize the data from the sensation to make conclusion. It can be improved through the process of learning and adopting certain kind of thinking (this is self thought, and self learned stuff, each individual have unique things to learn about--not standard and specific lesson). Human have different capability in their perception, however this isn't one of the thing that can make our perception weak. Human can surpass their own limit through their own desire. That makes and define a individual from an individual; human as human from animal with lower cognitive social intelligence.
The main concern in the perception weakness is the idea/knowledge of the mind (learned by certain individual) that process and makes ones decision. Therefore, the people, the society and the entire community that influence a man can make ones perception weak or strong. Such idea of improving can't  be done if the society itself have its weak foundations in establishing each perception of the individual. Even though, if ones society foundations is weak, there is a tendency that any individual on that community can improved, with ones self-improving capability.
All of the people rely on their community and there are less that can make their own kind of perception and yet relying on the community in the same time. We all do rely, ones proof is the belief of our ancestor in certain idea and knowledge.
Human mind today are literally weak to make decision, the stupidity is epidemic in the people. Well correct me if i'm wrong, Psychology and learning a human behavior didn't need to be so firm to understand, it just need to be you!
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For Thyself I see

Written By Juan Dimasalang on Friday, January 17, 2014 | 7:30 AM

Jay Rickson San Juan

Heart leaves no space for glee
That pours at thyself in smile
Too far I see in hundred mile
Lips are closed like lavender bile

Way to soul never it ends
Even hazel I see that trends
Thou see nor perceive as it lends
The innermost I see that rests

Employs down thy heart countless piece
Like thy doorway in greater peace
Hides the sound underneath the trees
Now it flies wonderful in breeze

Thou entire surreal i see
Soul let it rest and let it plea
Dancing as they do in glee
Thyself let me be safe in lee

I write this poem defining how a perfect girl can be defined, from her personality, her physical beauty and her attitude that influence others in greater cost. Some of my friends ignores how i made up the lines in very unusual way. Well, don't blame me for that, i was so inspired by the poets back in the old times (We can see that in the library and in your English textbook)
This is dedicated to every girl who read this, written by a man a story on how he defines the girl that he loves. I was inspired from the old movies that gives a sensible happy ending that we do not believe in these days.
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